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  • The Top Considerations When Choosing A Fence

  • The fence is one of the first things you notice about a house or any other building. It defines the boundary and states where the property starts. And there are now a plethora of choices when it comes to fencing, and several considerations to take into account. The main three things to think about are the security aspect of the fence, the decorative aspect, and the type of materials for the fence and the amount of maintenance that will need to be done over the age of the fence. This article will look at these points and what needs to be borne in mind when buying a fence.

    The security aspect is among the most important for many homeowners. Along with security comes privacy and the two almost go hand in hand. One of the most secure types of fence is the wood paneled fence. This can be set in steel or aluminum fence posts for stability and strength, while the wood panels project a very secure face to the world as well as giving a high amount of privacy. If security is a concern but privacy is not, then one option worth consideration is the metal rail fence. If built high enough this gives optimum security, but the open style allows a view from outside the property, and vice versa.

    The choice of fencing materials will very much depend on the overall look one is trying to achieve for the garden. If a natural look is preferred, the wood is an obvious choice, though in itself that can offer a wide range of materials. Cedar is a popular choice, especially red cedar which can weather to a silver color, though bamboo is now a common sight in many gardens. For simple privacy fencing within a garden, many people are now opting for rustic fences made of brushwood and rolled bamboo.

    Maintenance is an important factor, especially if the garden is large and there are several hundred yards of fencing to be kept in shape. If you don’t mind maintenance and you want natural materials, wood is a perfect choice, though be prepared to put the brush and creosote tin to work every year or so. If maintenance is not your thing, then one of the best choices is vinyl. It can mimic wood or brick, and needs practically no upkeep.

    As you can see, there are several things to be taken into consideration when choosing a fencing style and material. How it looks is important, but the level of security is paramount for many people. Before choosing a fence make sure you explore all the options so that you achieve the correct balance of looks, securityBusiness Management Articles, and level of required maintenance.